Microwave 101

Time to switch to microwave cooking

Time to switch to microwave cooking
Microwave 101

Time to switch to microwave cooking

News Microwave 101 Time to switch to microwave cooking
Experience the ease and efficiency of the smartest kitchen appliance that are perfect to rustle up quick lunches during the workdays and comforting late-night meals.
The perks of “work from home” are many! Apart from the wonderful opportunity of being with your family, it also gives you a chance of avoiding the energy sucker, the mood spoiler, dreaded “traffic”. However, the little mercy of avoiding commuting is now replaced by the big question of “what’s cooking?” There’s this need to cook healthy, tasty, innovative quick meals, every time! And between umpteenth virtual meetings, online classes, the time-consuming task of cooking has really emerged as an eyesore.
In the time of time crunch, when workload is exhausting, microwave cooking has emerged as an easy cooking solution. You can prepare wholesome meals without even giving your whole attention to what you are cooking. So, forget about laborious and time-consuming roasting, baking and frying and instead enjoy the quick pleasure of cooking healthy, home-made meals in a jiffy with the help of the smartest countertop appliance.
Besides, microwave cooking comes with its own sets of advantages- aside from the fact that it is hassle-free and super quick- it heats the food from inside out, therefore, has a better cooking efficiency. Cooking in microwave not only saves time but also precious energy. In addition, nutrients generally seep out from food during any form of cooking, especially if the food is being cooked for a long period of time. For example, boiling peas or any vegetable might extract nutrients much more drastically than microwaving them, thus, microwaving is a smart choice to keep nutrients inert.
However, to experience the wonders of microwave cooking, you need to have the perfect cookware. Anyday helps you get the maximum benefits of microwave cooking with its awesome “The Everyday Set.” This set basically features all essentials that you need to master the art of microwaving.


Set includes

Your meal prep secret weapon. Great for versatile one-dish meals, fluffy grains, and hearty soups
These are great for juicy meats, flaky fish, tender veggie stalks, and party sides
The Goldilocks of dishes, this one is especially great for chunky veggies, oatmeal, and stews
Great for dips, tender-crisp veggies that need surface area to cook, and gooey desserts

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